Final Fill, six month cancer check, Surgery Scheduled!


A couple of weeks ago I had my final fill.  The surgeon over-fills the expanders, so that the final implants can lay properly and are not projecting like rockets from your chest.  The final fill was uneventful, and I’ve experienced some soreness and ill-fitting clothing ever since.  I’ve also been ridiculously tired, but I’m been tired since I came out of the first surgeries.  We schedule my implant surgery and possible fat-grafting for the end of May.

A week ago, I met with my cancer prevention nurse for my six month check.  I had my hour long internal and external pelvic ultrasound, CA-125 blood test and talked about the last six months with the nurse.  The results of my ultrasound were normal and my CA-125 was within range.  The nurse also went over the new guidelines with me.  I now will have a full body exam by a dermatologist to check for melanoma, annually.  The last thing we discussed was oophorectomy.  I still plan on surgery, but closer to age 40, so long as all of my tests continue to be normal.  New research suggests that the origin of ovarian cancer is actually the distal end of the fallopian tubes, so some surgeons are beginning to perform salpingectomies around age 35, or at the end of child-bearing, followed by oophorectomy at or after menopause.  I think this is a good option for me, but just not quite yet.

A couple of days ago I went in for my pre-op physical.  This was the same as the previous pre-op physical.  Blood draw revealed my hemoglobin to be at 8.7, which explains my extreme fatigue.  I need to get my iron up for surgery, so I have to take iron and another blood test in two weeks.  I really hope I can get the level up in time for surgery!  The doctor was quite concerned that we don’t know why I’m anemic, and after I get through surgery we will have to investigate that further.  *sigh*

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