First Fill


Today was my first expander fill.  The surgeon used a tiny magnet to locate the center of the port under my skin, that made a tiny x on my skin when he pressed down.

20 gauge needle

20 gauge needle

He then stabbed a 20 gauge needle into the port and used a caulking gun to inject somewhere around 100mL of saline into each side.


Expander-filling caulking gun

I didn’t feel the needle going in at all, and all I really felt was pressure as the expanders filled.  He said I should expect more pain tonight, and offered up meds, which I rejected.  I can take some of my leftover Valium or Oxy if need be, but so far I just feel mildly sore a few hours later.  They also feel heavier than before, and are visibly bigger.  Good, now I don’t have to look like a little boy.

The next fill will be in two weeks.  Once I decide on the ideal implant size, I will get one additional fill to expand to make sure there’s enough space for corrections and the fat to soften the edges.  I haven’t decided if this is the ideal size.  I will take the next two weeks to try on some clothes and bras to see how it looks and feels.

Post Fill

Post Fill

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