First Post-Op Appointment


Ten days after surgery I had my first post-operative appointment with the reconstructive surgeon.  He examined his work, something where he can envision the end result and say how great it will look.  I cannot envision the end result, as with the swelling down, my boobs are now deflated, and misshapen, emphasizing the incisions, with buckling skin.  I’m still covered in surgical glue and tape that I cannot remove, and I still have been taking sponge baths up until now.

The surgeon said that everything looked great, but that we can’t begin to fill the expanders until the skin has had more time to heal.  So much for some boob-shaped boobs.  He and his associate cut out some of the sutures around the drains and replaced the antimicrobial pads.  The drains will stay for 7 more days.  I can now lift my arms up, but only to start stretches which involve placing my hands on my forehead and pushing my elbows backward.  That is what increased my pain later that night, and made me beg for assistance in getting back up out of my sleeping chair this morning.

The last part of the appointment, I was told I may now go into the bathtub with just a few inches of water.  I can’t get any of the surgical site of drains wet, but I can wash my butt!  Yay for real water that stays warm, yay for a warm sponge bath, yay for being able to wash my hair and have it rinsed over the tub!

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